Creality Ender PLA+ Filament, 1Kg, 1.75mm, Apple Green

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Creality Ender PLA+ filament is a variation of PLA filament to make it less brittle, have a smoother surface finish and make it less likely to absorb moisture. The result of this is a filament that is as easy to print with as PLA and almost as strong as ABS. It is the best of both worlds.

The filament comes on a plastic spool and is sealed in a plastic bag with desiccant and packaged in a box (sometimes we remove the filament from the box to fit everything into your parcel). Each spool is marked with the type of filament and the manufacturing batch number. We have a lot of confidence in the filament we supply, because we use it ourselves.


  • Material: PLA+
  • Amount: 1kg
  • Colour: Apple Green
  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Tolerance: +- 50 Micron
  • Spool dimensions: OD = 200mm, ID = 50mm, Width = 60mm
  • Recommended printing temperature: 200 Deg C
  • Recommended bed temperature: 50-70 Deg C
  • Recommended bed preparation: Hairspray
  • Note: An additional cooling fan is recommended for PLA+

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